Monday, August 8, 2011

Showing Now

Some things I'm enjoying that might amuse you too:

1. Dog Patrol, TV3's replacement for Kalgoorlie Cops, which ended with the usual banging around last week. Tonight a wonderful little dog was rescued by an eleven-year-old boy, and then was adopted by one of the dog shelter staff. It made me very, very happy. Monday nights have great reality TV; Dog Patrol is preceded by Road Cops which is not only an endless source of amusement but also shows that not all police are assholes.

2. Bob's Burgers. The other week I was in the kitchen baking, and Vincent was laughing and saying this was very good but I had to finish what I was doing so I pretended not to notice. I finally got to watch it last week and it was grrr-eat.

3. Mulholland - Everything's Gonna Be Alright. It's the first track on his new album, and every time it comes on the disc changer at work it makes me feel kind of new and happy in a crazy way (a bit like listening to T Rex).

4. Her Make Believe Band - Stay. There's something I really like about these guys in spite of the fact that they tick all the boxes for a band I would usually detest. I think it's a mixture of the harmonies (which sometimes work and sometimes don't), and the tempo, and the sincerity. What do you think?

5. Barry Crump - A Good Keen Man. There's an excellent story about a deer-culler claiming to have slept the night inside the carcass (wrapped in the skin) of a stag he'd killed, waking to find three feet of snow, the carcass frozen solid and his hands numb, and having to chew himself free. Marvellous stuff.

6. Michael Laws being king-hit in a bar. He says it was unprovoked. I say his existence is provocation.

7. McDonalds Hotcakes. I know McDonalds is the devil. But there is nothing like it. Every Tuesday I go out for breakfast with my beloved friend and we sit at pretty cafes and eat nice enough food that's made with fresh ingredients by friendly people who talk to us. But I can't think of a breakfast I've had lately that was as delicious as the $5.50 Hotcakes Combo I had yesterday. Whipped butter. Maple Syrup. Followed by a hash brown. I wish it was 6am right now just so I could go and get some.

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