Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sharing Time

I used to get really nervous before sharing time at school; I think because of my competitive streak and my need to be the best. Once I had taken an old police helmet of my Dad's but when it got around to me it all of a sudden didn't seem quite enough, so I threw in an add-on that my cousin had won the Pepsi MC Hammer competition. Obviously this was a lie. And probably led to the feeling I sometimes get when I'm telling a stranger than fiction story about myself that I'm lying, even though I know I'm not. Maybe these little add-on lies actually had a boy-who-cried-wolf effect and are part of the reason why unusual things seem to happen to me; I've wondered if more of these things happen to me than other people or if it's just that I take more notice of them, or are more likely to tell them, or tell them better?

Anyway, because I am sick and in bed I am inside my head something ridiculous - I've written a dozen responses in there to the films I've been watching - but I think after my last post we all deserve some things that have absolutely (well, almost) nothing to do with me: some things I've been nosing at on the internet that might be of interest.

1. This, and pretty much every post on Style Rookie's blog. I enjoy her writing so much; she's funny, insightful, and just very entertaining.
2. I've often thought that people who don't love each other anymore is one of the saddest things. Here is an exhibition of things that symbolise the end of a relationship; I'd really like to see it. I really like the idea something that is awkward or sad or inappropriate to keep having a place where its significance and sacredness is preserved but where it's obviously part of a past. I've spoken to a friend about the ring from her first marriage and how it fits into her life; I don't know what I'd do with something like that. It's maybe why I like tattoos so much; there's no denying that whatever it is was once important to you and has made you who you are, even if it isn't a big part of who you are now. (Obviously the guy who was in the news recently with the swastika on his forehead disagrees.)

3. Short tops with high-waisted bottoms (here seen on Raquel Allegra in Closet Visit). I tried doing it last year with a thirties-inspired bikini top but I'm not sure I quite pulled it off...
4. This Jamie Oliver risotto recipe, which I found this morning and Vincent just made, with the addition of shredded chicken and mushroom. It's delicious; I haven't wanted much besides fruit and cake (and the chicken soup my Mum made) since I've been sick but this is going down a treat.
5. This made-up film trailer on Jezebel. I don't know if it's because my contact with the outside world has been minimal, but I thought it was very funny.

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