Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Perfectly Flawed

I was listening to Billy Joel the other morning, singing along happily to The Longest Time when Vincent told me some very surprising information. On the strength of Just The Way You Are and Uptown Girl, I had assumed our man Bill was a bit of a sap; you know, sentimental and whatever, and that was fine. Instead I learned he is a car-crashing, angry-letter writing hothead, and I was very pleased.

I hate evil people (come back tomorrow to read what Vincent and I thought of Inside Job; he's writing a guest post, about which I am very excited) but there are few things worse than someone with no discernible faults. There are the few genuinely angelic people who may have faults but are so good you don't ever notice them, but those people who are just insipidly and superficially faultless make me want to hit them really hard... I get a similar feeling with people who are too well-presented (although in that instance I'm willing to admit it's as much my sudden awareness of the bits of fluff stuck to my top and the hole I know is in the toe of my stocking as their apparent perfection); they come across so flat and boring, like Amelia in Vanity Fair. (For me, Becky was where it was at.) Perfect people don't interest me, and I can't be bothered imagining their imperfections. I want to see them.

While I am continually trying to improve myself and correct damaging faults, I also cultivate and flaunt others. All of my favourite people are flawed, and for the most part I like their flaws as much as their "good" qualities. Flaws are what make us human, and perfection isn't not having them; it's trying to make them as entertaining for each other as possible. Maybe not. Parenthood has started and I've completely lost my train of thought. Suffice to say, it's good and important to be your best. But I think "your best" can include the bits of you that aren't quite what they could be; as long as you're you, you're okay.

I'm sorry I'm ending this so badly. But I'll leave you with this by Tiny Ruins. I've been enjoying her album Some Were Meant For Sea very much on these cold days; I hope you'll like her too.

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