Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let It Snow!!!

I've almost given up hope, but not quite; it's still cold outside, and I believe in magic. I feel like a traitor to my local homeless, but I want it to snow so badly that if I think about it too hard I get so excited I'm liable to wet my pants. My voice is croaky and I had to wear a tshirt to bed last night (in our toasty little apartment that is never necessary), but the possibility of snow makes those things completely bearable (or at least mostly bearable - my voice is pretty bad). In my twenty-eight years I have never been to the snow; snow coming to me, in my city, would be a dream come true.

Aside from that, I'm pretty grumpy, (not helped by the moronic South Islanders who think snow in Auckland is not a big deal. It is, and you will not spoil this for us). But I'm trying not to be. I've been watching Campbell Live, specifically a couple in Bexley whose house is completely uninhabitable and are living in a  snow-covered caravan. They were smiling and laughing, in spite of the fact they have to use public showers and use a shower-tent for a toilet. The human spirit has the potential to be amazing, and these two are totally fulfilling theirs.

Anyway, to avoid getting grumpy again, I'm going to write a list of some of my life's pleasures. I don't know if I'd call them simple ones, but they're pleasures that, while definitely enhanced by them, don't rely on people. Because of course my life's chief pleasures are te tangata. And they're not pleasures that define me, like books or music or movies. They're things that seem inconsequential, but give me great pleasure all the same.

1. Swears. There is nothing like a well-used obscenity.
2. Noodles. Cheap ones (although I recently discovered mi goreng noodles contain palm oil - what a blow. I loved those noodles; they kept me alive when my sister and brother-in-law were away and I was fending for myself. But I love orangutans more, so we have parted ways...) and not-as-cheap ones, they always make me feel a bit like a grown-up child when I eat them. I'm actually eating them right now.
3. Socks. Knee-highs or really fluffy ones are the best.
4. Beautiful Women. In real life and in magazines, they also make me feel like a child; a bit awed, and a bit happy. Today I was looking at pictures of these two, and marvelling. They're the kinds of beauties whose style I won't try to copy because I know I'd just be trying to look like them, and I never will. And they're so beautiful because they're them; they don't look like anyone else (except maybe their parents or siblings). The lesson here? Best way to beauty is being yourself. Or someone no-one knows.

5. Trees. Jimmy Bean pretty much says it all in Pollyanna. They're beautiful, they're fun to climb, and they give shade and oxygen and sometimes fruit.

And just in case you love mi goreng noodles and aren't convinced to give them up, check this guy out.

And one last thing here. My favourites so far: Wuthering Heights/Damn, This Servant Has A Good Memory, Sophie's Choice/The Worst Game Of Would You Rather? and The Holy Bible/Shit My Dad Says. Awesome. Thanks to Frankie.

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