Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Can't Get No...

It's not true; I can. It's just that there are so many nice things around at the moment... I can go years (and frequently do) without seeing anything in a (non-secondhand) shop that I would ever want and then BAM! everywhere I look are things that would look just right hanging in our wardrobe. Yesterday my shoes arrived and they are all lovely and fit but I'm already looking at bikinis and other things like these pants, which aren't leather but are still a-ok in my book.

Vincent and I are madly pomandering tonight; it's two days until my lovely mother's birthday afternoon tea, and the large orange I had almost finished went completely mouldy on the un-pomandered bit so I had to dispose of it; all that time! and all of those overpriced cloves! We've been waiting for cheaper cloves but a Lazarus-type event in the family meant they never arrived, so Vincent bought out one supermarket's clove stocks this afternoon and, we having finished them already, has run to get more from another while I show you our pomandering night. He thinks it will be the one and only time he engages in this kind of behaviour but I hope he's mistaken; he is a natural, so natural that if he was just a little bit older, he could easily be our missing sister Ann.

Pomander balls are a sweatshop-like task and require indentured-type commitment, but my Mum and her friends are Worth It. They all have lovely old names and are all around sixty and every couple of weeks they go out for coffee and don't go home until well after midnight. They are the kinds of ladies who are upright but still up for a giggle, and genuinely kind, not duty-bound or patronising. And they make my Mum feel cherished, and that's best of all. Anyway, Vincent will be back any minute so off I go... deadlines are a horse of an entirely different colour when you have company.

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