Thursday, August 18, 2011

His Mother's Glory

This is my beautiful son, Oscar. I'm lucky enough to have lots of people who love me, a few as unconditionally as humanly possible, but there really isn't a love like that of a dog for its chosen ones. Oscar makes me feel brand new, every time I see him. He welcomes like it's been years (even if it's been minutes), and follows, and when I pat him he looks at me like I'm nurturing his soul. In my dreams, Oscar and I are able to speak to each other telepathically. In real life, I feel as if we communicate to an extent, but I wish I could really speak to him - in more than just love - and share ideas, and gossip. He is a true lover; a friend to all, even those he's not meant to be friends with, like rodent intruders. His first best friend was a little dog named Millie. He and Mille had a beautiful relationship; they trusted each other, and they had lots and lots of fun together, and their difference in size was never an issue. He was also best friends with a cat, Lucy, who used to curl up like his little spoon and they would just sit or nap like that. Our rabbit Bonnie had no fear of him; they would sit together in the yard, and occasionally she would indulge him in a little game of chasie, although anyone who knows Oscar knows he prefers to be chased.

Oscar was a huge part of getting me through the saddest time of my life. He stayed with me and even though he couldn't say a word, I could feel how much he loved me and wanted me to feel comforted. He slept with me every night (this wasn't so comforting as he is both a snorer and a dead-weight, as well as a bed-hog; many times I woke up on the edge of the bed with his back pushed right up against me), and sat in the seat beside me wherever I drove. When everyone was away, he made me feel safe and kept me company while I did everything (having my knees licked while sitting on the toilet was a strange sensation but one I got used to). And in my happy times, he has always been ready to celebrate; jumping up and barking and doing his dodge move. Since he was a puppy, anytime he's seen people hugging he's tried to be part of it. Nothing makes him happier than when everyone is well and everyone is together.

Every day with Oscar is a gift.

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