Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Effect And Cause

I've been thinking a bit about what's going on in London right now. The media "coverage" has made it very difficult to make too much sense of what has happened, and why it might have happened (although right-wing media will never give the perpetrators of any riot much credibility anyway). With a lack of real information, NZ media seem to be relying on opinions, and mostly the opinions of people who are merely watching what is happening, without any real insight or connection. Without information I don't know exactly what I think, except this, in the wise words of Jack White III:

With the Stanley Cup final in the not too distant past, we all know what can happen when excited people get together in large numbers. They can forget who they are as individuals, and do things they might not usually do. But they're reacting. I'm not saying this necessarily excuses the action they take (in the case of the Stanley Cup: a resounding negative), but what I have seen on the news seems to be presenting the riots as the first action, rather than a reaction. People don't just get up one day, catch a train to the shops, and start looting them. Something happens to make them do things like this; if riots happened for no reason, they would happen all the time, or they would never happen. People might join in and not know why they are doing something, but somewhere, someone had a reason for starting this thing. The riots aren't the first domino.

I've promised to meet Vincent in bed at nine so we can watch a movie, so I'll leave you with two songs by some of the best bands ever who made excellent music in London. The first was in my head when I woke this morning, and the second came to mind when I was discussing ska with a woman in the shop today, and mentioned to her that I met Neville Staple almost exactly two years ago. She was impressed. These songs might make it seem like I'm on the side of the rioters. And you know what? Maybe I am. On the other hand, maybe I'm not. I'm on the side of the disenfranchised who get together and do something; anything. I'm on the side of young people who stick up for themselves. Now I'll just wait and see if these rioters are or not. (Impressed with my arse-covering? Me too.)

I might as well end on a show-off note and remind you I also saw Mick and Paul last year. Yep, pretty much.



    Why is anyone surprised?

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! That's just what I've been wanting to read, from someone who actually lives there and knows something! I just posted it on facebook; the status updates of people condemning the rioters has been driving me batty.

    People really only believe what they see. If these were housewives of fuckwit county or whatever, even my poorest facebook friends would be empathetic. "Mass" media has so much to answer for.