Monday, August 1, 2011


The hard thing about your birthday is that, unlike Christmas when you have a holiday and it's summer and New Year's is in a week and you're exhausted anyway, everything is back to normal the next day. Because my birthday is the 30th, two days later it seems redundant to say it was just my birthday; "just" was last month, and it's somebody else's birthday month. And it's a whole year to wait until the next one.

But I'm not complaining; I had a lovely birthday. The night before, I drank beer:

And did karaoke:

On the day, I had a yum breakfast with Vincent, yum lunch with my family, yum dinner with my friends, and got thoughtful presents I love, including:

And my excellent niece made me:

And I really, truly appreciated everything everyone did for me without expecting anything. Of course, it's a funny situation when you are trying not to expect things but know you will be getting lots of things anyway. But being happy just to see the people you love and eat yum food really takes the pressure off the day, and then whatever else happens is a bonus.

I'm feeling very confident about this next year (no doubt this feeling is partly a result of all the nice things my birthday cards said; they're a better pick-me-up than reading over ones CV) and how much I'm going to improve during it. And I'm quite excited about getting older (not old; older). I like wanting to go to bed, and not vomiting all the time from drinking too much. I like talking to my friends about actual things. And I really love being married, and being old enough to have been in the state for two years without having had some freaky young wedding because our religion wouldn't allow us to have sex unless we had done so (but young enough that when we're sixty, we'll have been married more than thirty years). Old is still something I have to learn to accept, but older? Thank you, please.

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