Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why Country Musicians Aren't To Be Trusted

You might not have read about serial moron Michele Bachmann being told by Tom Petty and Katrina and the Waves to stop using their songs (American Girl and Walking On Sunshine) at her rallies. I think it's brilliant. I already knew about Foofighters not being happy with monkey-child George Bush using Times Like These in his 2004 campaign, and becoming involved with John Kerry's campaign and writing Best Of You (infinitely better song) as a result. I now know from the wonderful Jezebel that it wasn't the only song he used to the artist's chagrin. And as angry as I would be if I were one of those artists, I think it's all just wonderful because it means these Republican parasites are publicly embarrassed (except, are they able to feel real feelings? Especially embarrassment; they are members of the same party as Friend of North Korea Sarah Palin...) and we get to know who else thinks Republicans suck or at least that they are so desperately uncool that any association with their music is a death knell. Except, according to Jezebel, country artists... but I think that's like a very convenient cowbell.

The situation also makes me very happy because I read that George Weedeater Bush used this song which I had not listened to for ages, and is great.

Question: How can a right-wing party ever think a song about freedom (or fidelity) is appropriate for them? And last thing you may not have known: (The Real) Don McGlashan's excellent list of song recommendations for National after TVNZ used Anchor Me during a montage of John Key election images in 2008. Read about it here. "I would rather have sex with an ugly crayfish...". Don McGlashan fo' life.

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