Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home Alone 2 - Lost In (Inertia The Size Of) New York

Vincent is working and I'm unattended. When I was younger and this happened, it was great. I would do all the things I couldn't do when my parents were home, like watch rude TV programmes and drink Dad's gin and have long showers. Then when I was older and not at home, it was when I could watch Gilmore Girls and play the same song ten times in a row and practise making faces in the mirror and maybe even get drunk and play singstar against myself (sometimes I actually lost; I don't cheat at games). It was a good time. But now it's different. I'm allowed to do whatever I like. And the things I like to do that no-one else does; somebody else does. And the things are more fun when he's doing them too, so when he's not here I do stupid things that I don't do when he's home because they're stupid: for example (I may or may not have done these things), spend an hour looking at my own photos on facebook, eat Watties Big 'n Hearty "soup" instead of an actual dinner, watch Target and then Missing Pieces, and nothing on my list of things I need to do like make my sister's birthday cake and clean the bathroom.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I lived alone. I've always lived with people who loved and looked after me, and so when I'm left to my own devices I tend to patronise foodcourts or eat lots of toast and noodles (three times a day, once, when my sister was away), stay up late, and watch lots of long black and white movies and read lots of schoolgirl books like What Katy Did and Anne Of Green Gables and my collection of fifties and sixties girls annuals. (Which reminds me, I've been pondering lately the question posed in What Katy Did At School - my favourite of the three - "Would you rather seem a greater fool than you are or be a greater fool than you seem?". I would always choose the latter, and I think I still do. Is that normal? Would you?) I think if I lived alone I would become more and more reclusive. I talk a lot, but I happily answer myself; I have entire conversations with myself in the shower sometimes, and as you know I like to interview myself sometimes to get a grip on what I think about things. You're probably thinking I would have all sorts of newspaper structures about the place, piles of plastic containers around the sink, a few hundred cats and perhaps some other pets I wouldn't know about because of all the newspaper, and hang my teabags up to dry on a little piece of string I have up in the kitchen so I can use them again. But you would be wrong. I like my tea strong, so I'd only ever use my teabags once.

I'm a very fortunate girl.

I'm going off to wrap my sister's present now, so I'll leave you with a lovely song. Vincent is dj-ing and I texted to find out the next song he's playing so I could play it at the same time (I know) but when I put it on I realised I don't actually like it so I'm playing this, another song by the same band, instead (I think even Aphrodite thought that was a bit much). Four days to go!

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