Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bits & Pieces

1. Rebekah Brooks. Evil, evil woman, but what glorious, glorious hair.

2. Did you know about Poland's proposal to ban abortion? I found out about it from Feministing. I like animal stories as much as anyone, but I really think this is what the news should be telling us about at night.

3. My new hat. I have to hold it on when I cross the road and it makes me feel like a lady, whom people would help if a gust of wind caught up the pile of hand-written music I was clutching and swept it across the footpath. I think I actually just look like a nincompoop with a dreamy expression in a hat, though.

4. I made Rocky Road to take up north for the weekend, and it was yum as. All you have to do is chop up one and a half packets of marshmallows (so you have some left for milo) and a couple of raspberry straps, break up a packet of chocolate biscuits (I used Chocolate Thins), and then add to two blocks of melted milk chocolate, stir it, chuck it in a lined slice tin, and put in the fridge for a bit. I still don't understand why slices seem like you've gone to so much more trouble than if you baked- is that only me? And is it because I never made them before? They're much more expensive to make than cakes; maybe that's why. Always the green (/orange/blue/purple/whatever colour big money is), never the effort...

5. Van Morrison - Glad Tidings. It's what Tony Soprano is listening to as he's driving out to the farm to off Tony B. before Phil Leotardo (from New York) can get him. Whoever picked the song is someone with whom I would like to be friends. Vincent downloaded the album and has been playing the song ever since, although it sounds a little different because the cord for the stereo's gone funny and only one speaker works. It's actually been very interesting hearing acoustic versions of originals; like having a lucky-dip mixer.

PS I'm reading The Inimitable Jeeves and enjoying it very much; so far one of my favourite sentences is "The good old persp. was bedewing my forehead by this time in a pretty lavish manner". It doesn't annoy me the way it does in HP, but does Bertie's continual defiance of Jeeves' dressing-guides and partly self-imposed exile remind anyone else of Harry Potter's constant worry that everyone distrusts or hates him and he has no-one to turn to?

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