Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'll freely admit I'm grumpy. My bum is very sore after yesterday's spill, and obviously the healing process is taking it out of me because work has left me beat. On top of this, Campbell Live just did a text poll asking whether or not people think the Sri Lankan boat people should be allowed into NZ, and 79% said no. For fuck's sake. Where do people get off? Are we that fucking smug and stupid in NZ that we don't understand that these people have risked their lives to escape and come here; they're refugees! I'm so mad: at people's ignorance, unkindness, and sense of entitlement. Why the fuck do we deserve to be here?

I was thinking this morning about Labour's proposed Capital Gains Tax, and exactly why I support it. Then I started to think about the fundamental differences between people who vote National, and those who vote Labour. I used to tell my excellent little niece (The Jenga Queen) that people who care about people vote Labour, and people who care about money vote National. I realise that's not completely accurate, but it seemed a simple way to explain to a kid (and, if I'm honest, I really believed it, except for the extremely conservative National voters, who are just stupid). Now, I just think National voters live in the delusion (usually one they vigorously maintain to avoid guilt) that everyone has the same opportunities in life, and that all are in charge of our own destinies. They disregard history/histories, and variables, and therefore think it's reasonable to expect everyone to be able to achieve and contribute to the same extent. They perpetuate these beliefs with myths like the universality of State House John, and Solo Mum Success Paula, and pretend that things were always the way they are now (Treaty? Completely irrelevant! We're all the same!).

We're not all the same. Everyone has a different story, and we can't be treated as if we're all coming from the same place. This is what National does. It ignores mitigating factors such as mental health issues and discrimination, and says we all have the same chances and if we fail to take them then we deserve to pay a higher proportion of our incomes on basic things like health services and childcare (if we can't afford children, we shouldn't have them!), and if we can't afford our own investment property then we deserve to pay off someone else's.

I was planning to write a list of things I like, but now I'm frustrated so I'm going to write a list of things that make me mad.

1. People still buying Chris Brown's music. I even read recently that Rihanna received hate messages after she broke away from him. And people promoting J. Williams. One day a nasty man might punch you in the face. And you know what I will do? Nothin'.
2. Paul Henry, and people putting him on TV and telling me shit about him that I don't want to know. I know he's a racist, a sexist, and an all-round arsehole, and that's about all I need to know, I reckon.
3. "As you do." Please get away from me. You are boring and no-one drinks Pinot Gris anymore.
4. Rude people. If I hold a door open for you, you will look at me and you will say thank you. And if you don't, know that I'm no longer content just to say "You're welcome!".
5. Talentless people getting NZ on Air funding because they a) have rich parents or b) a "profile". Illegal downloading isn't killing the music industry; you are.
6. People who make other people's lives more difficult because they are lazy and/or stupid. Or, people who put anything they like in their recycling bags, even stuff that Garth McVicar would know is not recyclable.
7. Insurance companies.
8. Loan sharks.
9. People who picket outside abortion clinics. I wish your parents had just watched TV that night.
10. Billboards. The most intrusive form of advertising, and nearly always aesthetically displeasing.

One thing that makes me happy:
The Wendy's Shake 'n Dog ad. It's funny.

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