Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To Dorothy

You might not have known it as you went about your business today, looking for your scarf this morning and picking something up for dinner on the way home from work, but today was a special day. It was forty-four years since the world lost a woman of incredible insight, wit, and humanity. Today was the day Dorothy Parker died.

I don't think I need to say Dorothy Parker is one of my heroes. At first it was her reputation as a writer and a drinker; I lapped up her stories, memorised her poems, pretended to be her when drinking in bars, and felt a little glow when she was referenced somewhere. Then I learnt more about her; her advocacy of civil rights and leftist causes (the genius of the Hollywood Anti-Nazi league makes me so very happy), and I was her woman for life. When she died, she left her entire estate to the Martin Luther King Jr foundation; in 1967.

If you haven't read her, please go and pick up a copy of The Portable Dorothy Parker. Read Diary Of A New York Lady, and laugh. Read Just A Little One, and feel sheepish. Read Big Blonde, and cry. And next time you have a drink, have one for a truly great broad.

Here's to you, Dorothy.

(Picture from Life - best photos on the internet)

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