Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Flotsam

Bowling was GREAT. After a strong start I bombed and came fifth, but no matter. Some highlights:
1. Little Missy hiffing her ball so hard it bounced into our lane so we had to ask for our scores to be adjusted.
2. Vincent swearing and then apologising for his language.
3. The alley switching into disco mode shortly before my father's final turn, prompting him to pull out some gangsta poses and then two strikes in a row.
4. My sister taking it out with strike after strike.
5. Being home in bed watching Sopranos at nine.

Today is Slutwalk, and having alienated myself from nearly everyone I know by ranting about it, I'll just say a couple of things. NZ may have been the first country where women could vote but that doesn't mean shit when imbeciles like Alasdair Thompson are in positions of power (let alone in existence). As well as being about victim-blaming, this protest is about basic women's rights. It's not enough for us to sit back and enjoy the rights we have; it's not fair to the women who fought for them, and it's not fair to the women who come after us. I owe it to my nieces as much as myself to try to make things better for them; it baffles me that people will pass up the chance to do the same for the people they love, and that's everyone - a fair society benefits everybody, not only those disadvantaged in an unfair society. This protest is an incredibly easy way to do something. Okay. I'm not really done, but I'm done. And going off to get ready for the march while listening to this. 

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