Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Friends

Today was actually more like A Hazy Shade Of Winter with moments of El Condor Pasa and America (for me, every day has at least one moment of America) but I've loved and been comforted by this song since I was about eight; I loved the possibility of hitchhiking a hundred miles and the romance of being a ragamuffin child (and then wasn't really sure what he was saying... Berkeley to Carmel!). Simon & Garfunkel have been part of my life for almost as long as I can remember; they're like the opposite wall in Sylvia Plath's Mirror, I've listened to them so long I think they are a part of my heart. (Actually they are a part of me; I had a line from America tattooed on my arm on my 25th birthday.)

It's hard to explain Simon & Garfunkel to someone who doesn't know them. You have to have earnestly written bad poetry about nature and feelings (and still do so, occasionally).  You have to have felt constrained and wanted to run away. You have to have taken acid and marvelled at the wonder of your own hands. And even then...

Anyway, tonight is two years since I saw them: Simon & Garfunkel, live in concert. It was at a time in my life when everything seemed to be in a state of flux; so different to just a few months before when I had bought the ticket, and thought my life mapped out. I went expecting to relive my childhood and lose myself in an imagined memory of the early seventies. Instead, I heard them in a completely different way... the only way I can think to describe it is when you go to someone you've known all your life, like an aunt, for comfort and find you've grown so much that it isn't just a case of being hugged and told it'll be alright, anymore, but a conversation that means next time you might be able to comfort yourself.

I love Simon & Garfunkel. I love what they sing about and how they sing it and that to most people they are nerd music, and I love in Almost Famous when McDormand holds up the cover of Bookends and says they're on drugs. If I could be named after a song, it might be Cecelia.

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