Friday, May 6, 2011

No Flies On...

Vincent and I are listening to Pink Floyd and arguing over whether the last part of Shine On You Crazy Diamond is a win or a loss. I think it's perfect; to me, the song feels like a seventies voyage into space, and that part is the future: the rude, jazzy eighties. Vincent just thinks it's rude. However, we both agree that the rest of the song is genius; a free trip without any freaky bits. I don't remember the first time I heard it but I remember listening to it on vinyl for the first time, lying on the carpet at Vincent's parents' house where I had just discovered it in their record collection. I'd like to say I was fourteen at the time and wearing denim flares, but I didn't meet Vincent until I was in my twenties, so I was twenty-five, and wearing stockings with massive holes in the crotch that I was really embarrassed about but didn't have any others. We listened to it driving the desert road, and I felt like it was the closest I could get to a seventies idea of Mars; we put the windows down even though it was freezing and didn't say a word to each other. I think Vincent is the only person I can trust to feel the way I do when Shine On You Crazy Diamond is playing (until the sax starts and all of a sudden we're listening to Neil Young).

I can't listen to Hey You without thinking of The Squid And The Whale, one of the best films we've watched this year. I won't ruin it by building it up, but one of my favourite scenes is a discussion about Metamorphosis, where the person who has encouraged the other to read it but hasn't actually read it himself describes it as very Kafka-esque. The whole movie made me feel a bit uncomfortable, and I like feeling like that (I leave the bathroom door open and my family's closet is full of skeletons; making me feel uncomfortable with family stuff in a movie is no easy feat). It also made me realise how much I talk about things I don't know first-hand; things my sisters have told me about, books I know about but haven't actually read... and how much of a wanker I risk sounding when I talk about them with people who actually go out and read them themselves.

There's more I want to say but our ride is about to arrive (going up to Matakana for the weekend) so to be continued... Have a good weekend!

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