Monday, May 23, 2011

The Monday Twos

Two things that really pissed me off today:
1. The fatty man in the top-hat who accosts women on Queen Street, purporting to want to demonstrate a card-trick but really wanting to sleaze and get money, and when some women who have to get back to work and find him sexist and creepy say sorry they can't stop, he looks back at them like they are the biggest bitch in the country. (So some women wrote an email of complaint to the council and hope to free all of his parasitic presence.)
2. Sexist advertising on TV, especially the ad about Mantrol by the Ministry of Transport (about which some women have been intending to write a complaint since it first aired, and have just realised they helped pay for with their taxes). Control, apparently, is Mantrol. So Womantrol must be driving without regard for safety or anyone else on the road. And of course, that's why women are involved in more accidents than men. Except they're not.

Two things that made me feel happy today:
1. Being taken to my favourite little Japanese lunch place by my sister and making her laugh by saying something really mean about someone we don't like.
2. Sewing little cloaks onto stuffed kiwis on the stairs at work and having Vincent come and interrupt me.

Two things I did today that I regretted shortly after:
1. Cut my fringe, in a hurry and a funny mood.
2. Leave my muffin split in the toaster.

Two things that worried me today:
1. What it is that I'm going to do that really makes a large-scale difference.
2. How I can earn more money without doing something that compromises me.

I think I'll leave them for tomorrow. Monday's enough on its own without the big thinks.

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