Monday, May 9, 2011

I Want you I Want You

I was only going to put the link to this song because it's just a build-up to what I'm excited about, but then I saw her wearing sunglasses in the bath and had to have the video. It also reminds me of the time when no-one was home so I ran a big bubble bath, moved the TV into the bathroom and took my dinner of curried mince in there. I was excited about that too, but the mixed smells of curried mince and soapy stuff were so awful it ended up being a bit disappointing... I still ate it, but it wasn't very enjoyable. Unlike this, which eaten anywhere will be amazing:

This is my newest friend, the KFC Double Down: two pieces of cheese, bacon (which I won't have since Vincent and I don't eat pig because of farming practices and also because we eventually want to be completely vegetarian, although we've decided we'll pre-cook some chicken bacon to take along and put in, and that makes triple chicken which seems even more disgusting and, subsequently, wonderful), encased in two pieces of chicken. It looks so awful it can only be delicious; I enviously watched people trying it on TV tonight and in spite of their apparent imbecility (one was definitely reading off cue cards), even they knew this is something special. I just love KFC. I've been happily eating it for years; it used to be my Sunday night tradition, and the first time I went to Christchurch to see Vincent (the best weekend of my life, I think), I had it three times in 36 hours (Extreme Burger Meal with a Zinger Works - pre-pig-free living - and Wicked Wings instead of Original Recipe for the extra chicken). (The KFC wasn't why it was my best weekend, by the way.) Vincent once discovered bits of Wicked Wing in my hair (two days after we were married; my take on cold cream). I like most fast food, but KFC is different; partly because of the nature of the food (easy to share, able to be eaten cold), and partly because I know it's bad. It's like Shortland Street; I know there's better stuff I could be watching or reading but I don't want them...

I'm so excited. I cannot wait to eat it.

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