Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Sunday

Like many people, I went to church on Easter Sunday. Two churches, in fact. Happily though, I didn't have to listen to any sermons... because I didn't go inside.

This is first church I went to, the Anglican church in Dunedin, and as you see, it's magnificent.

And this is the second (although it was actually the first church in Dunedin), the Presbyterian church. The front goes so high that if you look straight up at it you feel as if you are going to topple backward. Unlike the Anglican church, the Presbyterian church is all front; the back is just made up of concrete slabs. My family thought this very appropriate.

After church(es), we went to the museum. I was very excited about the Butterfly Experience I'd been told about and imagined to be a big white room full of butterflies flying back and forth past one's face. It was actually a heat-controlled rainforest, complete with waterfall and tropical foliage. This might sound cool but compared with what my mind had cooked up, it was a bit of a disappointment. Even more disappointing, we stayed in there so long to compensate for the disappointment and the special exhibit charge that we only had time to see one more exhibit before heading off. We chose the animal attic because there was something horrible up there that we wanted to see. This isn't it.

This is my beautiful friend Sultan. He and his lady-friend escaped from a circus... and ended up here. If I lived in Dunedin, I would visit Sultan every day and tell him all my worries and my secrets. I know just by looking at him that he would understand.

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