Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind

It's hard to be lady in King Lear weather. Skirts fly up, hairs make bids for freedom, and umbrellas turn inside out causing sailor language to escape mouths (although I am of pirate ancestry; it's in my blood). But I like it. I commiserate with people who have further to go than I, and feel for other victims of umbrella inversion (it happens to everyone; why is it so embarrassing? I spoke to two people about it today and we couldn't decide why), but inside part of me is rejoicing. Sun makes me dopey and happy, but bad weather makes me come alive. It's when bad things happen; even if the elements weren't reacting to the disruption of order it could not have been sunny when the Macbeths went about their wicked work - storms were made for action. When there is darkness, thunder and rain, something happens to me and I find myself shedding my clothes and climbing out windows to be part of it, feeling more alert and alive than in any other weather. Maybe it is because I was born in winter, or maybe it's because I have the potential to do evil things and it makes me most comfortable. Whatever the reason, today's and tonight's weather have made me happy (as long as I avoid thoughts of animals and homeless people... too late).

Something someone said about rain:
I love walking in the rain, 'cause then no-one knows I'm crying. (I don't know who it was but I love it, it's so brutal. It makes me think of Billie Holiday and Judy Garland and maybe even Dorothy Parker.)

Unrelated to rain, a song I love that I just heard for the first time in ages, and here sung by my favourite actor in the role that made him so. Eighties melancholy and Steve Buscemi are TOPS.

Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind.

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