Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Morning Coming Down

But I didn't have any debaucherous fun first. That must be the difference between coming down on Thursday and coming down on Sunday. Vincent and I are both getting colds which are making us tired and our throats sore, and me worried that I'm not going to make it to my good friend's thirtieth on Saturday or my standing date with a jug of beer (or four) at the pub tomorrow. On the other hand, the prospect of bed with movies and lots of drinks is not an unattractive one at all either... But I could do that without the sore throat and runny nose too.
I have to get to bed; it's already getting late and we just got home from another movie (Tucker and Dale vs Evil; bad for the first fifteen minutes and then pretty good), so I'll just tell you some things about my day.

Something cool I saw today: two badminton racquet handles sticking out of someone's backpack.
Something I wished I hadn't done today: follow the second chocolate chip cookie with a caramel slice.
Something I listened to today that I will have heard before but didn't remember, and liked: The Apples in Stereo - The Silvery Light Of A Dream (Part II).
Something that annoyed me today: a dumbarse laughing too loud at unfunny bits in the movie.
Something I've been looking forward to all day: going to bed.
Something exciting Vincent told me today: the set-lists from Bob Dylan's last few shows.

The outlook is good.

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