Monday, April 11, 2011

Spot of Tea, then?

If you come to my house, you will not find a seat easily. That is partly because we only have two couches and two chairs, and one of those couches is nearly always covered in clothes and bags and anything else I threw there after walking in the door. But it is mostly because anywhere else you might like to sit, including the two chairs, is covered in teacups. I won't bore with you with how I came to collect teacups (oh, why not - accident; all of a sudden I had a number that could be called a collection) or why I like them so much (alright then - they're pretty and they're useful and they're small enough to say to Vincent "It's just one!". (I hope I don't come to rue this; I just had a flashback of my nine-year-old self petitioning my Dad as he set a mouse-trap with "But they don't eat much!".) You know what, I will bore you. I like pretty teacups because they're everyday things that we need that someone bothered to make nice. They make me think of speakeasies, and Dorothy Parker stories, and old ladies, and little girls. I mostly collect Crown Lynn teacups, and they make me feel like I have a bit of NZ history in my hands. They give me a purpose when I'm rooting through shelves at secondhand shops ("I've never seen one like it" is a favourite line. It's true and everything, but I'm twenty-seven for crying out loud, not fifty), and something to talk to other crazies about (crazy people nearly always collect something. I'm no phony newbie; apart from the usual sticker collection, I had a coin collection as a kid which I kept in bubble-tape containers so everything smelt a bit grapey, and a badge collection which I kept in a boiled sweets tin. Clearly my main interest was lollies but they didn't last long enough to even think about collecting. I also had a snot-wall behind the headboard of my bed, for a while, until I couldn't stop myself from flicking it off. Anyway, I'm a collector from way back). I also collect kimono dressing gowns, Crown Lynn, old wine glasses (particularly champagne saucers), and depression glass. See, I'm a completely legitimate nutter.

But all I really wanted to say was: meet my newest teacup. Isn't it lovely?! This is one I plan to use as soon as I've found a teapot that doesn't look like it might have been a public toilet for ants. It was a gift from my best cousin, and I like it so much I can't feel guilty when I look at it, even though if I looked a bit further I would see her Christmas present leaning against the wall, which I still haven't given her... Maybe I will do some baking and invite her over for afternoon tea, and give it to her. Which means I need to buy a teapot, and maybe a couple of doilies. Yussssss.

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