Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some Weekend Highlights

1. Being rescued from an incredibly uncomfortable "conversation" at the pub with a pseudo-comedienne by my most lovely friend, at her own peril.
2. Eating too much McDonalds after drinking too much beer on Friday night, and not regretting either at all.
3. Finishing my book (finally).
4. An amusing phone conversation with my mother.
5. My excellent niece in an outfit she picked out especially to look "sporty", pitching bowling balls down the alley then spinning around smiling and running over to hi-five my sister, Vincent and me.
6. Finishing season one of The Sopranos, and starting on season two.
7. Dancing like it was 1969 to a band playing Stevie Wonder et al on Saturday night with two much loved cousins, dripping with sweat then and having sore feet today because of it.
8. Eating a yum breakfast I made myself in bed while watching the rest of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (terrible, terrible film).
9. Vincent and me separately making lists of five movies we would like to see at the World Cinema Showcase, and discovering we had picked the exact same five (I can't believe this; the booklet is full of movies we would both want to see. We are not-so-slowly turning into each other).
10. Walking down to check my sister's lotto tickets and one of ours to find she had won $22 and we had won $36.

And a couple of season one highlights:
1. Tony: Cunnilingus and psychiatry brought us here.
2. Sil: That self-righteous prick put his dick in my little girl's soccer team-mate.
3. Season finale closing credits: State Trooper, Springsteen

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