Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something Very Sad

Tonight I found out one of my favourite bands ever has decided to call it a day.

The first time I heard Jack and Meg, I felt like I was living in the 70s; like finally I was hearing something the first time around, and it was real rock'n roll, not shitty 'rock' or something from my parents era that had been heard a million times before. I discovered them late in the piece, when Elephant came out, but they immediately changed music for me; they were alive, and new, and they were great. Everyone was raving on about The Strokes and I didn't know why it was that although I enjoyed their music, it just sounded kind of hollow. Then I found The White Stripes, and they were raw, and real, and they weren't posing (in fact, their get-up was ridiculous) and they were fucking loud; and then I knew why.

When Vincent and I were first getting together, we used to lie on his bed and plan a road-trip of America. We were each allowed to choose ten bands we wanted to watch on the way, and tried to figure out the route we would take and whom we would see where, and the route would change (Chicago! We missed Chicago!) and so would the musicians (Dolly Parton! Yes! No?), but it was always going to be The White Stripes in Memphis. The first time I met him, I discovered he loved them too, and it was an immediate bond; no-one else I knew loved them. When we were married, the second song we played at the ceremony was Hotel Yorba. I still remember putting on Ball & Biscuit in his room one day and just feeling like everything was too perfect when he knew the entire guitar solo.

There are drummers I really admire, like Mitch Mitchell, but the drummer I really want to be like is Meg; I just want to smash the fuck out of my drums. For a long time, I've really believed Jack White is a musical genius. The White Stripes are the only true and original rock'n roll band I expect to know in my lifetime. And now I know I won't ever see them live, or hear a new album. Yeah, they're alive. Jack will keep making music with The Raconteurs and Dead Weather. But I feel like a beautiful story has ended... and I just feel really sad.

Jack, Meg, it's been great.

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