Monday, February 21, 2011

So Much To Say

I was just saying to Vincent yesterday that I think I talk more than anyone I know. A lot of it is because I don't check myself; I like discussing things, and I just like for people, especially Vincent, to know what I think. About everything. I think it is also something to do with my not-completely-fleshed-out idea that people can't really love you or like you or dislike you when they don't know you, and they can know you by hearing how you see the world, and what/how much you choose to share. Anyway, there is a lot I want to say now and not a lot of time, so I'm hopping to:

1. I bought this and the suitcases at the top last week and I'm very proud of them because they are rad. The blue and the cup were a gift, but the orange one is mine! and being put to use the next time I go somewhere for a night.

2. I've been reading fashion magazines again and getting very annoyed at some of the looks about to hit, particularly women wearing men's clothes which is apparently 'oh-so-on-trend'. Vomit. Just under half of my wardrobe is men's clothes (some a specific man's - Vincent's), and it irks me to know that if I wear them, people will think I'm following capitalist trends and trying to look like everyone else. After the revolution, if fashion magazines still exist they will be a means of showcasing beautiful things to inspire, not pages of shit that is supposed to be bought (for the same amount of money that would feed an entire village in Uganda) simply because it's the current trend.

3. This morning I've been listening to Leonard Cohen and eating a soft-boiled egg with soldiers and it's made me happy. Monday mornings are not so bad, and things in general aren't so bad either; not when you can laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again.

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