Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Very Good, Madam

Late last night Vincent and I forgot how old we are and, instead of going to bed, decided to watch a dvd. Forty minutes in we conferred on whether or not to stop it halfway, agreed not to, and then ten minutes later Vincent jolted out of sleep when I touched his stomach, and we decided we'd better go to bed. We both slept past our alarms, have been very tired all day, and now, waiting for the dvd to get up to where we stopped it (our dvd player has no remote so woe betide you if you pause it too long), I realise I'm functioning on such a basic level that I don't really have anything to say. Therewith, I am going to write a list of Good Things. I'm always describing things as best or worst, but today I'm going to celebrate things that I don't often think about, and then we cross paths and I think "You're Fucking Good".

1. Nuts and Raisins Chocolate
2. 'This Velvet Glove' by Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Clothes that have been washed and folded by Mum
4. Vanilla Ice-Cream
5. Cheese Pizza
6. 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'
7. Walks (for exercise and air, not necessity)
8. Friday afternoons not at the Pub
9. P.G. Wodehouse
10. Baked Beans, cold and eaten out of the can

(I realise there is a lot of food on this list but I'm on a bit of an eat-a-thon at the moment and it occupies much of my mind. I've just had dinner but could easily go for a 1-4-5 combo, and I'm only omitting 10 because I had that while I was waiting for dinner, although I ate it from a cup for Vincent's benefit. He feeds and waters me like I'm his little animal, but I don't want him to worry I might piss on the carpet.)

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