Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Weekends

I have just had one of those weekends where you wish you could hop on a little houseboat and sail off down a creek and live that way forever. And while sailing off, this song would be playing.

On Friday, Vincent and I went to Big Day Out and heard this live, and it was brilliant. The entire day was the most fun you can have, from drinking a lot of rum in a very short time in the form of Vincent's most excellent daiquiris (more fruit in an hour than I'd eaten all year), to watching extremely intoxicated people stumbling along while finishing our beers before going through the gates, seeing Wolfmother play Woman and then launch straight into Baba O'Reilly, going on rides that left us with bruises, peeing in shrubs, getting so drenched we could wring our clothes, and then all that music! This song was my favourite crowd moment; the rain was falling and everyone was dancing with each other and singing along... Oh I love a good shared music-moment. Vive la BDO.

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