Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big News!

I'm tired and have a lot else I should be doing (and instead have been at the pub), but I had to announce: Bob Dylan is coming. Again. To Auckland. Ho to the fucking ly. Just last night I was sewing, listening to Dylan, and trying to think of my five favourite songs (and then tonight, unprompted, someone asked me! Well, for my favourite... but I gave her top three). Being tired and a little intoxicated, I can't confidently give my top five, although even if I wasn't, I couldn't; we'd be here forever! Even a top three would be difficult. So, to make it easier for myself, I will give my top five Dylan songs at this moment, and in no particular order. And really, that's the only true list; I forget which philosopher said it, but we change so much each moment that we aren't the same, so how can our favourites be? So, my top five Dylan songs, at this very moment and in no particular order:

(I first began to love this song when I saw 'I'm Not There'. Then I heard this live version and the immediacy got me... And then we played it at my wedding. Brilliant.)
2. To Ramona
3. It Ain't Me Babe (also check out this Robin Peckold cover).
4.She Belongs To Me
5. All I Really Want To Do

Wow. Even though this is just a right now list, I want to rewrite it and argue with myself about it. What an guy. I can't wait to see him.

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