Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If I didn't look like me...

I think I should like to look like this:

In case you don't know her, this is Emily Meade, and she played Pearl, the prettiest prostitute, in Boardwalk Empire, which isn't the greatest show and really needed someone like her to make you want to watch (besides which, hers was one of the nicer characters). I like her face because it's mirthful, a bit cynical, and has dimples, which I have wanted all my life. She looks like she might think interesting things and drink tequila until she fell over and stick up for people getting a hard time. Or not. Anyway, my resting expression makes me look a little bit confused, and I have a habit of pouting which I can't seem to train myself out of. But then who wants to spend all their time thinking about how they look to other people? I have to say though, I think I'd worry less if I were Emily Meade.

Last night we watched another Christmas movie which I have since decided must be struck from the list. The movie is The Family Stone, and to save you watching it or looking it up, it's about a bunch of arseholes who are awful to their absolute cunt of a son's uptight girlfriend. Next on the list is visiting the Wishing Tree and trying Santa again; we went last week but when I hung up the phone the lights didn't work, and they're supposed to indicate your call has made it to the North Pole. In case Santa doesn't get the message, these are some of the things I asked for, just if you're wondering:

(But not The Portable Nietzsche; I already have that.)

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